Your Own Drum

my very own drums!

I got a great reminder of the need to follow the beat of my own drum yesterday.

While out on a training run for a half marathon I am doing in October, I was running with my training buddy and she was super-juiced. It was wonderful to see her in such a great place and I tried like the very devil to keep up with her. I could not. There she was several strides in front of me and I started beating myself up for being slow, for being in less than great shape, for sucking wind and for pretty much everything else I had ever done wrong. I wish I was exaggerating but I am not! In a word, I was miserable.

And then a really loud truck came by and I couldn’t hear the cadence of my buddy’s steps and I instinctively started running at a completely different pace…my own pace…and it felt so good that I had to laugh. My buddy was still several strides in front of me but since I wasn’t running in step with her rhythm and I had tuned-in to my own, I was completely comfortable and I was enjoying myself.  What a huge difference!  

We finished our run and while that felt really good, what felt best was that I got a valuable reminder to follow the beat of my own drum…because that rhythm will always take me towards what is best for me.

We are creating our lives…one decision at a time.

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