Overnight Brilliance Thwarted

Sunrise above the clouds!Sometimes I have super ideas in the middle of the night. These ideas are so good and so clear that I am absolutely convinced that there is no way I’ll forget them when I wake up. So, I don’t get up and write them down, I just lay there all proud and sleepy and eventually fall back to sleep.

Then morning rolls around and I can’t remember even one single detail of my overnight brilliance. All I can remember is that I had a really, really good idea that would have made my life [and maybe the rest of the entire world’s lives too ;)] better!

Dang it! I promise you that if this had only happened a couple of times, I would not be writing this. Instead, I am writing this because it’s happened almost as many times as TMZ has done something way out of bounds to get a story on a celebrity. And that, as you know my friends, is a lot.

And I think there’s a juicy and helpful metaphor here…

My unwillingness to get up and “disturb” my sleep in order to capture something that feels like a really good idea worth pursuing is a lot like how many of us KNOW we’re not in the right place in our lives, but we’re not willing to disrupt the current status quo for the unknown of what “might” be. So, we stay where we are, even though we’ve been nudged to move, and we miss out on what something deep within us is encouraging us to pursue. And when we “wake up,” we feel disappointed and maybe even downright cheated.

Ouch. And yuck.

Well, I say let’s go ahead and disrupt and interrupt the heck out of whatever we need to in service of creating a life that feels super good to us. Because if we don’t, we run the risk of opening the door to “could-ah and would-ah” in our lives. What could-ah happened if one of those great ideas for an article had gone viral and helped lots of people feel better about who they were becoming? What would-ah happened if that really good idea I had that I can no longer remember had been put into a program or class that would have helped lots of people? If I had only gotten up and written them down.

Sure, there’s a chance that my brilliant overnight ideas might actually have been stinky. And there’s a chance that doing something different from what you are doing now might end up with something other than a Hollywood ending…but you and I will never know if we do not get up and disturb our current state.

And what’s a little funny about this is that when I have my overnight brilliance, I am not sleeping at all. I am already awake. I’m just refusing to disturb my already disturbed state. Yeah, I think that’s funny and a little interesting too.

What are you willing to disturb to move closer and closer to a life that feels right for you?

It’s really good to be awake. Even in the middle of the night if it helps us create the life we know is best for us. Or even in the middle of the sleepy little life we have right now if it helps us create the life we know is best for us.

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