Happy Hour Special – 2 for 1 Pints of Poison

We humans do some really strange and terrible things to ourselves at times. We might be able to claim it’s unintentional, and that might even offer a smidge of relief. But we can do better. I know you’ve heard it before, so consider this a loving, gentle reminder: If you are choosing to cling to […]

What Will You Allow In The New Year?

They are all over the place right now. Those year-end reviews of the “best of” and “worst of” the past year. It’s entertaining for sure. But it’s mighty subjective and that got me thinking… What’s the best way for you and me to do our own year-end review? Well, with all the respect I can offer, […]

3 Easy Gifts To Give

I wish you your best holiday season ever. And to help make it so, here are 3 very specific gifts that I hope you will give yourself and everybody else on your list. I call them easy because each one involves something you will, no doubt, be doing during the coming weeks. So, you’ll have […]

Do You Mind Your Own Business?

For most of my life, the phrase “mind your own business,” has been full of negative energy and sharp barbs. Whether I was the one saying it or the one it was being said to, its full intention was to cause separation. The kind of separation that felt like a big, vault-sized door had been […]